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M'hamdia Industrial Zone

107-hectare industrial zone Focus: all kind of business activities such as services, trading & industry especially those involved with scientific & technological researches as well as information & communication technologies Location: 15 mn from the port of Radès & 25 mn from Tunis-Carthage Airport

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1000 Sqm Warehouse in ZI Soukra-Aeroport for Lease SPI El Wifek 277,674 Sqm (Area A split in 79 industrial plots) Open land in M'hamdia Industrial Zone for Sale SPI El Wifek 47,737 Sqm (Area B split in 21 plots for multi-function area - offices, call centers, research centers...) Open land in M'hamdia Industrial Zone for Sale SPI El Wifek 23,656 Sqm (Area C split in 8 plots for activity area grouping all structures supporting production activities, such as leisure and catering) Open land in M'hamdia Industrial Zone for Sale

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Invest-SouthMed.com  is a unique web portal that offers free country analysis and information on all things related to business parks and investment-related matters in  North African countries such as industrial real estate for lease/sale, commercial land, and industrial property. This premier directory in N. Africa for business parks promotes worldwide all kind of business parks such as industrial parks (industrial development zone), technology park (High-tech development zone), free trade zone and standard industrial zone


Invest-SouthMed.com’s online platform provides owners, occupiers and consultants worldwide with an array of tools to facilitate property transactions for industrial users (industrial property owners and brokers vs. industrial tenants, brokers and investors)  in the N. Africa. Key elements include: Directories of properties and industrial zones, industrial parks, and technology parks across N. Africa; Contact details and company profiles of N.Africa’s local and international consultants; Listings designed for describing industrial properties and evaluating industrial zones.


Through subscription, business parks may present their space availability and their advantages so they will attract international investors and promoters. As an online information resource and through quick-search by sector and/or country, the portal offers information on business parks infrastructure, country’s business and legal environments, case studies, and more.

Moreover, it lists consultants, experts and organizations that provide services which can assist the international investors and promoters – for example, any aspect of legal, insurance, logistics, market entry & strategy, engineering, and registration & incorportation.


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