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M'hamdia Industrial Zone

107-hectare industrial zone Focus: all kind of business activities such as services, trading & industry especially those involved with scientific & technological researches as well as information & communication technologies Location: 15 mn from the port of Radès & 25 mn from Tunis-Carthage Airport

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1000 Sqm Warehouse in ZI Soukra-Aeroport for Lease SPI El Wifek 277,674 Sqm (Area A split in 79 industrial plots) Open land in M'hamdia Industrial Zone for Sale SPI El Wifek 47,737 Sqm (Area B split in 21 plots for multi-function area - offices, call centers, research centers...) Open land in M'hamdia Industrial Zone for Sale SPI El Wifek 23,656 Sqm (Area C split in 8 plots for activity area grouping all structures supporting production activities, such as leisure and catering) Open land in M'hamdia Industrial Zone for Sale

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   » Arab Business Club  

Arab Business Club  

The club is aiming to provide high level networking opportunities to the top management of global enterprises interested in doing business with the Arab World.

The Arab Business Club is the platform where ideas meet investment and all cultural, social and lingual barriers are eliminated in order to pave the way for business to flourish between the Arab business community and the rest of the world.

This includes ideas such as the ambassadors program, meet the CEO program, networking events and last but not least a fully interactive website with all the enhanced features adapted from leading social networking websites and tailored according to our requirements.

Vision & Mission

Arab Business Club aims to be a leading business club with the highest ethical standards that delivers exceptional values for our customers, employees and shareholders. We have a different vision of leadership: a leader is someone who brings people together. We work on earning your trust and delivering you the best services possible.

Since its inception in 2008, the Arab Business Club has been governed by its core values; they define the character of our Company and they serve your business needs. Arab Business Club strives to promote and strengthen business relationships built on trust and transparency among various business professionals and takes down barriers between business people of different nationalities.

We are a global business-based in New York and Dubai, with ambassadors in Bahrain, Oman, KSA, Egypt, Germany, Sweden, UK, Spain, Qatar, Kuwait, Russia and Tatarstan. Our members are carefully chosen and get to partake in events and exhibitions hosted by the Arab Business Club, allowing them to expand their business horizons under one roof and get to enjoy the benefits associated with their membership.

The Arab Business Club offers 3 types of memberships: Premium, Elite and Corporate. The membership is available to business professionals in different industries, from general to top management of global enterprises. Our members include decision makers, top management, educated and experienced in many sectors including investment, property, aviation, media, oil and gas, construction, fashion, manufacturing and trading.

The success of the Arab Business Club has paved the way for many other initiatives that have helped expand business opportunities for our members.

8,500 members, both men and women of different nationalities, have been carefully selected and get to partake in programs which include international network events, conferences, exhibitions and one on one interaction with top business professionals, allowing them to expand their business horizons under one roof.

We offer value for money. Our goal is to become the leading business club by knowledge, commitments and ethics. Our members enjoy privileges such as high quality leads, attending ‘members only’ events with government officials from the Arab world and promoting their own businesses in a relaxed atmosphere.

Arab Business Club hosts its own networking events and conferences around the world. We host 10 to 12 network events in Dubai as well as 5 international events (Europe, Asia and USA). Furthermore, the associative linkage between brand and event will facilitate the transfer of positive affect from event to brand.

On-site Events 

For the purpose of opening new markets, creating new networks and branding our identity we implement the On-site event to strengthen our marketing exposure which can be in conferences, exhibitions, seminars and trade shows.


P. O. Box 30007, Dubai, UAE
+971 4 358 3000      



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